Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hind Gunship

This was the first guild brush and ink sketch I completed

Inside a plane at the Newark Air Museum

I'm ashamed to say I have no idea what the name of the plane to whom this interior belongs to and I sat in it for an afternoon, sorry plane. I was getting stick for doing black and white ink drawings so tried some colour. I'll find out the name of the plane next time I go, I looked on the website and am none the wiser.

F4 Phantom Sketch

I attend sketching days at the Guild of Aviation Artists regional meetings, gets me out of the house and I spend the day with other artists - good for lonesome artists. I'll stick them up here as I do them. This one is the grabby hot end of an F4 Phantom. I can't remember the date of this, summer some time, I got sunburnt and lots of wasps were interested in a yellow patch on my Alien T-shirt

Old 'funnies'

Found these, did them a while ago. The CV one, that was from an actual email from an actual job applicant, actually.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Some new panels

Here are some recent panels that turned out favourable from Reincar(nate) Written by Michael Moreci. I've finished issue 1..only 3 to go. I'm really enjoying it.