Friday, 10 October 2014

Castles in the Sky

Castles in the Sky by Garth Ennis and Matt Martin is out now from Avatar Press.

I draw interiors on issues 2 and 3 - was tough following Matt's gorgeous interiors. Here's a link to issue 2 -

Can't seem to get the links working, you'll have to old fashioned copy and paste.

Dream job, here's a small peep...

Ex-Con #2

Issue 2 of Ex-Con is out this month from Dynamite
written by Duane Swierczynski, covers by Tim Bradstreet and interior art by me. I loved working on this book, here's a panel


ERKS was written and drawn for David Lloyd's Aces Weekly which I am right proud to be a part of. First proper attempt at writing and painting a comic, alright it's only 18 pages but it was trial by fire. You'll have to subscribe to Aces Weekly to read it but here's a few pages of art...

Calculus Cat for Hunt

I squeaked when Hunt Emerson asked me to do a version of Calculus Cat. It was for his gallery in a Kick Starter funded super de-luxe edition of Calculus Cat comics with new material as the original was out of print. It should be arriving soon, can't wait. Made perfect sense to me to have Calculus as the nose art on a heavy bomber...

Duel in the Sky

Long time no post. Here's some recent black and white painted work - some WW1 illustrations from a book called Duel in the Sky.